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Partial Funded PPDI #5

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"Another delegate who said she was interested in joining the IDEAS for indonesia program was Takayani Febrianti. Takayani said that this was an international event, so she was so interested. Even, the destination country of the visit is Singapore, a country that has the best campus such as NUS. Takayani considered that PPDI was a good opportunity to regain her enthusiasm to continue her Masters. She, who now works at a japanese company, said that a lot of information inspired her to study again so that she was not confused by the flow and the dream of continuing her studies. Besides, another thing she got by joining the program from IDEAS For Indonesia was to meet new people. “ by the meeting new people, I get new ideas and new perspectives,” she said
Takayani Febrianti
Partial Funded Delegation
“l will try something like that so that my students will get used to critical thinking, problem – solving and cooperatives with the team and compete well. This learning climate is good to be implemented so that the students are ready to face life challenges in the future,” she said. For her to be a PPDI #1 delegate will provide references/new views related to models and better learning methods to be applied.
Priska Fadhila
Delegation Fully Funded
Ghufran said that his main goal in joining the program was sharing sessions with PINUS. “Obviously and in detail, they can explain their campus – related. So I was motivated to get a scholarship abroad. In my opinion, the program was very sufficient. But apparently, not only there, there was a seminar with Dr. Thomas Chong and Miss Endina and a campus tour. It exceeded my expectations. Coupled with visiting Merlion Park, Garden by the Bay, Science Art Museum, and ChinaTown, in my opinion, it was a recommended bonus. “said Ghufran who is a student at Alauddin UIN Makassar
Partial Funded Delegation